01Inventary Management System
Inventary Management System

This software covers all the needs pertaining to a manufacturing company. The application has interface for head Office and its sub units. The entire process has been made online, starting from generation of purchase order for suppliers, manufacturing of products from those items, creation of challan for sending the items for further finishing works to other companies, receiving back of the same and supply of finished products to the customers. This maximizes your benefits from just-in-time inventory. It provides a complete inventory management solution for you, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring adequate supplies, increasing warehouse productivity, and significantly reducing paper flow. It's ability to input and track manufacturer's or suppliers and true cost sets it apart from any other inventory system.

02Photo Album Booking Software
Photo Album Booking Software

This software has been developed to cater the need of one of the biggest Photo ALBUM manufacturing company in India. The entire process of the company starting from ALBUM booking, tracking of its manufacturing at different levels and billing on delivery has been made online.

03Internal Communication System
Internal Communication System

04Meeting Planner
Meeting Planner

05Salary Software
Salary Software

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